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Banana & Peanut Butter biscuits

These grain & gluten free biscuits are carefully made using 100% natural ingredients. A scrumptiously made banana & real peanut butter with dandelion snack suitable for all dogs, which can be given whole, broken into smaller pieces for training rewards or shared amongst the pack.

Our biscuits contain healthy vitamins too, which can help with skin, hair and digestive system. Being a grain & gluten free product Monty's biscuits are perfect for dogs that have sensitive tummies.

Composition: 30% Sweet Potato, 22% Real Peanut Butter (does not contain xylitol), Vegetable by products, milk powder, 15% Banana, 5% Dandelion, minerals (natural occurring & water).
Preservatives: Vitamin A, Vitamins D3, Vitamin E, Copper 7mg & Zinc 20mg.
Nutritional Analysis: Crude ash 6.7% Crude fibre 2.0%, Protein 17%, Fat Content 7.5%

Storage: Please keep in a dry and cool place away from any direct sunlight / heat sources.

Feeding Guide: Complementary feeds for dogs. Suitable for dogs from 8+ we

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